Documentation Effectiveness

CDI- Time to Revisit, Revise, Revamp & Reengineer

Now that ACDIS Annual National Conference has concluded, this is an excellent time to revisit and potentially revise and revamp our current clinical documentation improvement initiatives. Clinical documentation improvement, while considered a service business, is quite similar to most other product lines in the sense of finite and distinct end point life cycles. Take automobile […]

EHR Fraud- A Slippery Slope

An article in the Fierce EMR daily newsletter titled EHR Fraud: A Slippery Slope caught my attention, not because electronic health records have the potential to perpetuate fraud, but for the fact EHRs potentially promote abusive coding and billing Consider the templates and “ease of use” structured drop down menus, not to mention wide spread, […]

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Ensuring clear and concise documentation critical for case managers –

Ensuring clear and concise documentation critical for case managers –

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CDI and Medicine- A Synergistic Approach

The second of a series on CDI for physicians titled CDI and Medicine- A Synergistic Approach is available on the QuantiaMD website. ¬† Clinical documentation improvement is not only of material benefit to the hospital, there is tremendous value to the physician as well as patient in adhering to best practice standards of effective […]

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CDI-Scratching the Surface


CDI-Tremendous Unrealized Potential

Clinical documentation improvement programs can potentially serve a wide array of beneficiary purposes besides improving revenue capture and optimization if offered the opportunity. Present initiatives at documentation specificity, while inarguably important and valid under ICD-10 processes, are primary limited to basically scratching the surface when compared to the tremendous unrealized potential¬† we as […]

Clinical Documentation Bundles-Moving in the Right Direction

Clinical Bundles

Bundles of care exist for serious disease processes with tendencies toward greater mortality rates such as sepsis. These bundles consists of standard checklists of care interventions that have demonstrated increased efficacy in overall treatments that are cost effective, efficient,¬† drive notable decreases in morbidity and mortality while improving the cost and value equation of […]

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Strategy and Innovation in CDI-It is More than Problem Solving

My recent blog posts on clinical documentation improvement programs have outlined the real limitations of present CDI initiatives, serving as significant barriers to achieving optimal potential. I had the opportunity to review an established CDI program for purposes of identifying potential areas ripe for process improvement and/or expanding of CDI staff present core competencies and […]

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CDI Collaborating with Physician Advisors and Case Managers

Healthcare delivery is a challenging environment with an unlimited number of competing forces working against providers. A major challenge of all providers is insuring an efficient and effective revenue cycle process that incorporates a strong clinical documentation, coding and billing process that can withstand the pressures of third party payers relentlessly second guessing the clinical […]

Fundamentals of Clinical Documentation-QuantiaMD

Check out a new knowledge sharing video from QuantiaMD titled Fundamentals of Effective Clinical Documentation. This is a 10 minute presentation that discusses in no nonsense right to the point fashion the key elements of clinical documentation that provide for an effective, accurate and complete note.

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If you are […]

Measuring Value in the Healthcare Equation

Measuring value in the health care value based performance based delivery model?

CMS on January 26th announced its intention to speed up the transition away from a strict Fee-for-Service reimbursement model to one that incorporates increasing measures of value and quality. The Health and Human Services agency announced the setting of a goal tying 30 percent […]

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